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06/02/2018 | 15:41
MDI Company is proud to announce to our customers and partners on the working time of Agents Tet holidays serenely 2018

1. Calendar Tet: Dealers day off work from 02.14.2018 (Wednesday, 12.29 lunar calendar) to end on 02.20.2018 (Tuesday, 05th Year).

2. Work schedule back: from 08:00 am Wednesday, 02/21/2018 (ie 06th Year)

Thank customers for trust, support and product selection of MDI Company. 

During the New Year holidays, when our customers need assistance, please contact 
Hotline: +84 24 3747 3004
We wish all our customers and partners a Happy New Year - Sercurity, good health and prosperity, everything is the best!

Is pleased to announce! 

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