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11/07/2016 | 10:32
The summer has come brightly everywhere, however the mid-july heat in the air cannot compare with the seething and enthusiastic atmosphere among the MDI members in both Hanoi and HCMC offices to prepare for the Outing program this year. Although being an annual program for years, the 2016 summer outing carries a much more special meaning as it belongs to the series of anniversary events for the MDI’s 15-year celebration.

Since March 15th 2001, after 15 years of ups and downs, the young MDI Chemical those days now has not only developed firmly but also widened internationally, heading to be a global MDI Group.

After lots of consideration, the venue is chosen to be Palm Garden Resort 5* at Hoi An with an extremely green space and wide long beach, suitable for organizing such a memorable event not only for the MDI members and family, but also for the guests who are the MDI long-term partners.

The starting for the event series is the thorny Water polo tournament among 4 teams with the enthusiastic cheers from the spectator

After the intense and breathtaking tournament, finally the victory comes to the best teams


Another important event, which is always expected most in each outing program, is the exciting Team building game

As usual, the theme and rules are extremely classified until when the game actually begins. Everybody eagerly expects for the game because it is always the most interesting event of the outing.

The team building theme this year is “The Hoang Sa – MDI Flotilla”, in which each team has to build their own banana-stem raft and gets over the challenges to bring back the rewards to the mainland. The meaning of this year’s theme is not only to tighten the partnership but also to raise up the patriotism, and to remind every MDI member about the origin and respecting the ancestor’s effort to build up our homeland until today.

Although the game’s challenges are not too difficult but they require the clever and consensus strategy from all team members in order to achieve the best result effectively.

Closing for the Outing program is the Gala dinner which is organized spectacularly on the large, windy beach-side and brings about unforgettable emotion to the attendants.

The theme for this 2016 summer outing is chosen to be “Reaching out for the great ocean”. The general advantages of the global economy such as the development recovery, new cooperation opportunities, the official operation of the MDI branches worldwide and most importantly is the increasing momentum of MDI inner power itself gives us hope for the new MDI at a much higher stage in the future

Saying farewell to Hoi An and getting back to work, each MDI member as well as all the outing’s guest can’t help but to be moved when recalling those days full of friendship and union.

So let us congratulate for MDI’s 15-year celebration! It is the age of enthusiastic youth so let’s hope for a brighter future of outstanding and stable mutual cooperation.

Hoi An 2016.

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