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Epotec RD 108

Epotec RD 108

Epotec RD 108

Product name

Epotec RD 108

Made in 

Aditya Birla Chemicals-ThaiLand


180 Kg/drum


Epotec RD 108 is the monoglycidyl ether of C12-C14 aliphatic alcohol. The primary use of Epotec RD 108 is as a reactive diluent for high viscosity epoxy resins. Epotec RD 108 is compatible at all concentration and those resins and the blends can be cured with variety of epoxy hardners. As with all monofunctional aliphatic epoxies, increasing level of Epotec RD 108 will increase pot life and modify cured properties.


- Flooring

- Adhesives

- Potting

- Encapsulation

- Others